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    Dr. Bruce Lipton Recommends PSYCH-K®

    Your Mind Creates Your Reality

    Contrary to popular belief, you’re not a victim of your genes. As Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., explains, Epigenetics shows that your interpretation of your environment plays a much bigger role than genes when it comes to health. You can live in a perfect environment, but if you perceive it to be threatening (say from an old belief), your cells will respond to the threat.

    Your perceptions and beliefs create your reality. Your brain constantly releases chemicals that coordinate 50 trillion cells in your body to match your interpretation of the world. When you change underlying beliefs, you change your reality.

    PSYCH-K® is a form of energy psychology that changes subconscious beliefs to support the health & life you want.

    Over 95% of your life is run from subconscious programs/beliefs that are unknown to you!

    Dr. Bruce Lipton describes how these programs were downloaded from your parents, family, community, and environment during the first 7 years of your life. Although autopilot mode benefits survival, most subconscious programs are disempowering and limiting. You might have great (conscious) intentions, but once the old programs run, the subconscious creates your reality. As a result,you feel like a victim who has no control over your life. 

    Who Created PSYCH-K?®

    Rob Williams is the Originator of PSYCH-K®.