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    PSYCH-K® is a holistic wellness service that helps individuals create lasting change in their lives. It is based on the principles of psychoneuroimmunology, which explores the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. The PSYCH-K® Facilitator uses simple techniques to help people identify the blocks and beliefs that are holding them back from achieving their goals. Through using this method, people can clear out negative thought processes and replace them with positive ones.

    The PSYCH-K® Facilitator uses a method called “balancing” to help individuals recognize and change their beliefs. A PSYCH-K® Facilitator will begin a session by asking the client to identify the limiting beliefs they have about themselves. Once these have been identified, the Facilitator will then use a variety of techniques, including visualizations, affirmations, and muscle testing to determine which beliefs are most limiting. The Facilitator will then help the client to re-write those beliefs and create new, empowering ones.

    People who have experienced PSYCH-K®, a technique that uses kinesiology to access the subconscious, report feeling more balanced, harmonious, and connected to their true selves. People often feel a sense of inner peace and clarity after a session, and many have reported positive changes in their overall outlook, relationships, and life. Participants of PSYCH-K® often report improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being, along with feelings of joy, peace, and connection with their spiritual inner being. They also report feeling empowered to take control of their life and make changes that align with their true values and aspirations.

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    PSYCH-K® is a powerful tool for creating subconscious change using simple and direct self-empowerment processes. Developed by Rob Williams in 1988, PSYCH-K® combines various approaches from psychology, neuroscience, and kinesiology to create a unique and effective way to access and reprogram the subconscious mind. This tool has helped many people to make positive changes in their personal lives, including releasing negative beliefs and habits, improving relationships, increasing self-confidence, and achieving success in their personal and professional pursuits. 

    The many benefits of PSYCH-K® include:

    • Releasing limiting beliefs and patterns that hinder personal growth
    • Finding a sense of peace and clarity
    • Improving relationships
    • Enhancing self-confidence
    • Setting and achieving goals
    • Increasing feelings of wellbeing
    • Enhancing creativity
    • Deepening spiritual connection and understanding
    • Improving decision-making
    • And much more!

    Anyone can benefit from PSYCH-K®, regardless of age or background. It is particularly beneficial for people who feel stuck in a cycle of negative thinking and behavior, as well as those who are challenged with physical or emotional issues. PSYCH-K® can help individuals to create positive change in their lives and to develop new skills and habits that can help them to achieve their goals.

    The number of sessions you need depends on the work you're doing. It's best to start with one session to get a feel for things, but if you want to get to the root of your issues, several sessions may be necessary. Most people begin with three 1-hour sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart. This gives you time to integrate your learning, without taking too long and losing focus of your goals. As you progress, the sessions may be spaced further apart.